What’s the point?

Okay, this is honestly the hardest thing ever to do…. write about my opinions and feelings and thoughts…ugh sometimes I would find it hard to even write it down in my own private journal or worse…. think it.. and now when I say the hardest thing I mean really being honest with myself that this is what I want to do, share my thoughts, my journey, my struggles, my successes and put it out there so that I can help even just 1 person to make that change or shift their thinking or maybe just put a smile on someones face.
So whats the point to this blog?  To taking a journey to become fitter and healthier? To share this journey?
It’s a questions I ponder on the daily, today I would say that its to inspire, its to share my opinions with those who want it, share my experiences, my experiments, and some of my straight from experience knowledge I have gained.
This is very new to me, very raw, and very much a work in progress, and when I first let myself think about blogging and writing and being a fitspirational woman it was at a class I took at Creative Live (a plug as creative live is the awesomeness) this class was by the most amazeballs person I have come to meet, Michelle Ward, she is a Creative Career Coach and a damn good one so look her up, especially if you’re feeling like there is more to a career then your day job… I learned that I am a creative person, that I have big likes, and most importantly that I could do WHATEVER I wanted…..and sure this is something you hear as a kid, or maybe atleast you heard it in movies or read about people who get told this if you weren’t one but nonetheless its something we hear as a kid and then we get slapped with the reality of adult life and it makes you its bitch.
Sooooo that’s what Michelle taught me through her class was that I was letting life live me…. stuck in an unfulfilling place in my life and not succeeding financially or passionately….. she has some awesome resources and ideas on her site, by the way, that will help you make some life shifting changes in your career…. for me I went from real estate (which is a great career, but it wasn’t truly fulfilling for me) to……..well….. that is still in the works……but this blog is the tip of the iceberg…..taking a passion of being fit, and sharing that journey with others is truly an inspiring start…..so as I search for how I make my career from here, I will continue my focus of sharing my successes, failures, knowledge and opinions on everything fitness and hope that I can entertain and inspire others to make that fit lifestyle change or even take their already made change and take it to the next level.

About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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