UGH!! Seriously, leg day again???

Why is it that leg day seems soooo awful….. It truly has gotten the best of me, I find I will work out hard and all out all week and then leg day comes and its like ooooo….man, am I soooooore from yesterdays workout…..guess today would be a GREAT day to take a rest….when in reality the only thing really sore is the eyelash in my eye from sleeping on my face (what’s with eyelashes getting sore anyways, sucha pain) anyways I have yet to pin point why leg day is such a dread I mean obviously its a huge muscle group so your heart rate really climbs when doin those squats but I read other sites that talk about dreaded leg day and there’s those funny pictures of zebra’s getting all wobbly legged with the caption “leg day” (ohh so clever, I love zebras so that one really resonates with me) or bodybuilders with crazy toothpick legs; I knew someone that had that situation and its honestly unnatural like how can you only work out your upper body seems very unsymmetrical but its obvious that its a common disdain among those journeying to become fit and those that are already awesomely fit.
So I am just ranting at how much I hate legs, but I know better because the more I hate it the more I don’t do it. DO I have to LEARN to love it…probably or at least on leg day be better prepared maybe pump up that play list of your ultimate fav tunes…even if they don’t exactly sync with your workout counts, or have a small reward like treating yourself to your fav tea at your local café/coffee place; something that will get you excited to know that if you complete this you get that and eventually your subconscious will link good things with leg day; lets hope anyways because legs are what I need to work on the most (got caught in that catch 22, I need it the most because its something I hate working on, because  I hate working on it I need it the most)
On a side note, when it comes to rewards really try to not make it food related…I know its hard you’re talking to the woman who at one point would reward herself for cleaning the house….. really?!? like having a sanitary environment for you and your family to frolic around in isn’t reward enough? Apparently not, I found myself saying if you get this house clean you can have nachos from taco bell, the small one though…. I was “watching my weight”, oh my… isn’t that sick? I am embarrassed to even put that out there but its true I did it all the time….. I could do a load of laundry and daydream of cinnamon twists dancing in my head as soon as those babies hit that dryer.
So do some soul searching and find something that will make leg day seem much more welcoming into your weekly workout routine!

About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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