Pulling it together after the weekend

Did you take full advantage of your time off this weekend?
I mean real advantage, take the time to spend a little longer in the gym?
Maybe took extra time to prep meals, or plan recipes?
I hope so, for me, this weekend was a little tougher. I am not sure why but I let this weekend get the best of me and I didn’t make the best food choices.
So where do you go from here?
Well if you were like me and you took advantage the other way by letting the weekend be the justification for eating like a pig, well, my suggestion is just to jump back on the wagon.
So far my experience is that once its in and done, not much you can do to recover, could you workout extra hard and lessen your calorie intake, sure but when looking at the big picture of things you would honestly need to do that for the whole week to really balance out the bad, depending on the level of bad of course, and well if we could all do that for a week, would we really be calling this a fitness “journey” not really it would already be a way of life. And its still something I am working towards!
I believe that the best thing to do is suck it up, hopefully you got your enjoyment out of it and didn’t let yourself feel super guilty, and know that you gotta get right back to eating clean and keeping your workouts consistent.
I love that little meme thing out there that shows the picture of the salad and the burger and then says, “one bad meal doesn’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal doesn’t make you skinny”
So true!
And I read that and it makes me feel good when I only ate one bad meal, but if my bads outweigh the goods then I realize I really gotta stack up the good meals to balance myself out and then….well…. I am depressed.
All in all, just get back into it. As I make this transition, and maybe as you do too, you will see that having those cheat meals are a great thing. Eventually the cheat meals turn into snacks and then only special occasions and before we know it our results will be so awesome that those foods just aren’t the same. The taste, the way it makes you feel, all that will eventually change.
Food will never taste as great as being fit feels!!

About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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