The Gateway Drug

 “I don’t keep syrup in the house, its a gateway drug.”
“How so?”
With a half laugh that’s how it started, the conversation over breakfast. My love and I were having breakfast yesterday and I opted for the chicken apple sausage meal, not my first choice of course, but I have taught myself that going out to breakfast is not a cause for celebration. Food is fuel dammit!  I use to feel like, well if we are going out to eat then I gotta get something I couldn’t normally have at home without like a billion ingredients and so on. That way of thinking open the doors to unbelievable justifications for all types of foods at restaurants. Really?! I would find a way to justify why I couldn’t make full of fat and carbs chicken alfredo that’s like three ingredients. Anyways, I always felt like going out to eat was this big event until we went on the road for 6 months and traveled….. that way of thinking my friends will pack on the pounds quick when your only real choice is eating out. Mid way through our travels I had realized how heavy I had gotten in just those three months.
That’s when I decided I needed a mind change not just a diet. I need to revamp how my brain was looking at food. Or more importantly how I my brain and my heart was FEELING about food.
Back to my breakfast conversation, as we discussed our love of French toast, I explained that was precisely why I did not have syrup in the house. Keeping syrup around would lead to having pancakes or French toast at home, which would then lead to frozen waffles packed full of chemicals and crap ingredients…but hey they are easy…. which leads to having powdered sugar for your waffles and French toast, which leads to having regular refined sugar since your getting cereal now because its easy and well you can’t have that “healthy” rice chex cereal without throwing some sugar on top….and well now you had this simple breakfast and you’re hungry three minutes later might as well have a sugary muffin for snack because we are on an easy kick. Then before you know it, your having a huge burrito for lunch and Chinese food for dinner and your now laying in bed in the fetal position with a terrible stomach ache and a wave of total guilt washing over you.
I know this from experience, which is why I urge you to find your gateway drug and cut it off from the source.
Its rough sometimes and I get really frustrated with cooking, if I am not preparing properly each week, it can feel like 75% of your day is devoted to the kitchen. It’s why quick and easy convenience foods become so appealing, its not that they really taste all that awesome, its just “good enough” taste for the provided convenience it so pleasantly comes with.
Getting fit is not the easiest journey in the world, especially if food is your comfort, it honestly is like a drug addict. You are having to make a conscious decision each day to eat clean foods and workout…… eventually though it does become habit, at this point in my journey working out is a no brainer and its more like I “have” to do it. But the food, as mentioned several times, is the real struggle.
For me, with food, its really about changing the way we look and feel about food. Really focusing on food being a fuel source rather than a comfort, or an entertainment, or whatever you use it for. Its not always easy, we live in a world where almost all our social gatherings are revolved around food and drinks, but just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right. If you look around and those awesomely fit people, they look and feel they way the do because they do the opposite of what the rest of the world is doing they balance clean eats to treats, alcohol is almost always a no no, and their social circles are generally with other like minded people resulting in support of what they do. I know when I first started my journey I got flack from some family members about how it seems vain to care so much about how I look, mind you these are not the fittest people in the world, but now I don’t spend as much time with those family members as they don’t exactly support what I wanna do.
 Just some food for thought.

About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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