The Diet Riot

Ahh yes, the use of the word riot to describe your diet behavior….uhhh what?!?! What in the world does riot and diet have in common….well it rhymes…I love to rhyme……sometimes, hug….bug….hunt……….well you get the picture.
But I am not here to talk just about rhyming but dieting, its a bad word but so is riot; to some; but its really about perception( hence why we have one word with multiple meanings, Hello English…) . My thoughts are that riot perfectly describes the act of dieting. So to quote the all mighty Websters Dictionary rioting means: ” A large group of people behaving in a violent or uncontrolled way”
With all the dieting trends out there, isn’t that exactly what it feels like? a large group of people behaving uncontrollably? It’s about eating this not that, chocolate is good…. nooooo chocolate is bad….. canola oil..olive oil..canola oil…olive oil… and then some just see FAT FAT FAT.
All I hear is Charlie Browns teacher.
Even thinking about the SAD (Standard American Diet) that’s a riot in itself…meaning both the definition mentioned above and its also unbelievably hilarious. The fact that the acronym is SAD in itself is sad.
All in all, I found this term ‘diet riot’ when searching the internet and in my opinion perfectly describes the ridiculousness out there regarding how people should be eating; when we know the truth is as Americans, in general, our diets are terrible. Its about balance; just like life, all work and no play can make anyone a fat, dull, couch potato.
Its not about dieting its about nourishment and looking and feeling your best, if you want to be long lean and compete; your ‘diet’ should reflect that.
If you want to have the energy to just stay up long enough to watch the final season of SOA well your diet will reflect that, not that there’s anything wrong with having just enough energy for this as SOA is amazeballs and fulfills my desire to live on the edge…that’s for another blog post though.
Point here is that your nourishment should reflect your goals and I believe that at the very least most people desire to have energy to live, love, laugh, spend time with those they care about etc…..soooo…..GET OUT OF THE DIET RIOT……STOP OVERTHINKING IT. Bring balance to your foodie desires and you will have what it takes to reach whatever goals you set out for!
 Am I saying, if you want cake that if you follow it up with a cup of broccoli your life will be complete? Yes, well kinda, I am not a cake person buuuuut I am not really a broccoli person either, however taking a little indulgent treat and arming it with the correct ‘riot defense gear’…. a la broccoli( I am picturing a little broccoli tree holding a shield with a gas mask on, that makes me smile) , you can have the small treats that keep your mind sane while providing your body the nutrients it needs to live your lifestyle and be happy and healthy doing it!
Just my little rant about “dieting”

About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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