Down for the count

Surgery…….nothing will bring you down quicker than an emergency appendectomy…… damn appendix.

Day before Thanksgiving my appendix decides what better time to get infected than NOW!

I was on a roll, and am 4 weeks out to not only our beautiful, wonderful Thailand trip buuuut my next mile marker for weight and body composition. One step closer to competition, many more steps to go but one more closer none the less.

So I am frustrated as my minimum recovery is 2 weeks, and even after that I am not sure if I will be able to get back to lifting, it may just be stretching and maybe light cardio.

Feelin like this is my 2 steps back……but gotta look at the bright side, I caught it before it ruptured which would have set me back 4-6 weeks and quite possibly put a big fat cancel on my trip; so there is a silver lining.

It is 5 days after surgery so focus this week is healing; gotta eat clean (even though I have no appetite and my brain wants me to indulge in comfort food…weird battle), do light walking, and some upper body stretching making sure not to involve a lot of ab muscle movement. (nearly impossible by the way, you never really realize how much you use your stomach muscles until their are cut open and when you try to breathe, cough or for crimany sakes sneeze you feel like your going to die!)

I put a reminder in my phone for everyday to remind me that food choice is what will keep me from going backwards, since I cannot make up for extra calories from working out! Fingers crossed that it will !


About Miss Fit Life

I am a multi-passionate, entrepreneurial minded women on a journey with my soulmate to become fitter in every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, and financially; to live life to its fullest, enjoy the now and overall live a juicier life and inspire others to do the same!

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