About Miss Fit

Cough Cough  (clears throat)…. ME ME ME ME ME….
The life of Nicole, by Nicole, featuring Nicole. Gosh! She must be amazing…. Why Yes, Yes I am….actually I’m not, well I mean I think I am cool kinda but I am not really amazing, I am normal everyday person sharing a journey of life with whoever wants to read or listen about it. I really don’t like talking about myself, so this about me section is kinda a big ramble. You should stop reading, honestly, go, GOOOO…
You stayed? Well if you stayed I guess I will share some tid bits.
* I love what being fit represents, I see it as a lifestyle not just a body style
* I hate pie but love ice cream, being fit usually means a lot less of both
* I am in a constant search of life balance-money, fitness/health, emotions, family, spiritual, entrepreneurialism,
* I am very sarcastic with a slightly dry sense of humor
* Being empathetic is super important
* I am a life long learner and continue to educate myself in many areas of life
So far its been a 10+ year journey of learning what it takes and it will continue to be a journey of education, and learning my own body; but I feel like I wanna share my journey with others and maybe, juuuust maybe I could be that starting point of information to help another women make the decision to become fit. I encourage you, if you would like to read or listen to what I have to say to subscribe. I have a plan to make this better and more informative so if you would give me the pleasure of walking with me during this journey, I promise to provide hope, inspiration and a manageable way to reach your health and fitness goals!
‘member gals, I am not a doctor, or certified in any way, I am just a normal person sharing thoughts and opinions so this is not meant as health advice or direction please please always consult with your doctor or health professional for specific needs. Also assume that any products or services recommended on this site I am affiliated with.

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