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The Day of the Candy

I love Halloween in the fact that I got to wear something over the top and maybe revealing 😉 , that sounds terrible and please don’t judge but once a year to wear something really cool and its completely socially acceptable for the most part is appealing.
Of course that was a thing in my early twenties, now, its answering the door for adorable kids begging for treats and hoping that you scored with the hit candy this year otherwise your awesome cat carved pumpkin becomes roadkill. Not that that’s happened before, its simply a possibility that purused its way through my mind…..anyways…
This year though is totally different, part of my fit journey means that I am trading in fun sized snickers for funner sized hips and waist, so no candy for me….. but its a struggle, I love candy and the hardest thing is that I can’t have it, which makes it seem so much more appealing…. and really though the few times, okay, jeez, yes I am working my way up to competing in a bikini comp, and there have been M A N Y times that I have allowed myself a treat, it just does not taste that great anymore. It scares me, something that I use to eeeek uuusseee tooo, really enjoy, I don’t really enjoy, its kinda like losing my security blanket in a way….. sigh…… but its a good thing, because as I make my way towards achieving a long time dreamed goal, I have found a comfort in other things like music, and blogging, and although its not perfect because I still have my weak moments I make those moments revolve around more satisfying decadent treats like a truffle or a tiny piece of cheesecake, they are pricier than any ole piece of candy which means just in that sense I don’t indulge near as often, and they have to be specific types so you can’t just run to 7-eleven and pick it up so that makes it even tougher to indulge. This technique might sound terrible to fitness fanatics and to those that are anti fitness fanatics but its worked for me, making it to where the comfort foods or the indulgent treats are harder to get to makes it easier to re-think eating them and makes me decide if pausing sons of anarchy is worth driving allll the way to the store for cheesecake, and let me tell you so far this season, its not!!
In my opinion, and for where I am at now, having a treat now and again is not only good its almost necessary for my sanity, although this journey to becoming a fitter me is a labor, its a labor of love, and I am in it 110%. Well mentally and physically absolutely 110% but to be honest my nutrition is mmmmmmm 80%…work in progress!!