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The Diet Riot

Ahh yes, the use of the word riot to describe your diet behavior….uhhh what?!?! What in the world does riot and diet have in common….well it rhymes…I love to rhyme……sometimes, hug….bug….hunt……….well you get the picture.
But I am not here to talk just about rhyming but dieting, its a bad word but so is riot; to some; but its really about perception( hence why we have one word with multiple meanings, Hello English…) . My thoughts are that riot perfectly describes the act of dieting. So to quote the all mighty Websters Dictionary rioting means: ” A large group of people behaving in a violent or uncontrolled way”
With all the dieting trends out there, isn’t that exactly what it feels like? a large group of people behaving uncontrollably? It’s about eating this not that, chocolate is good…. nooooo chocolate is bad….. canola oil..olive oil..canola oil…olive oil… and then some just see FAT FAT FAT.
All I hear is Charlie Browns teacher.
Even thinking about the SAD (Standard American Diet) that’s a riot in itself…meaning both the definition mentioned above and its also unbelievably hilarious. The fact that the acronym is SAD in itself is sad.
All in all, I found this term ‘diet riot’ when searching the internet and in my opinion perfectly describes the ridiculousness out there regarding how people should be eating; when we know the truth is as Americans, in general, our diets are terrible. Its about balance; just like life, all work and no play can make anyone a fat, dull, couch potato.
Its not about dieting its about nourishment and looking and feeling your best, if you want to be long lean and compete; your ‘diet’ should reflect that.
If you want to have the energy to just stay up long enough to watch the final season of SOA well your diet will reflect that, not that there’s anything wrong with having just enough energy for this as SOA is amazeballs and fulfills my desire to live on the edge…that’s for another blog post though.
Point here is that your nourishment should reflect your goals and I believe that at the very least most people desire to have energy to live, love, laugh, spend time with those they care about etc…..soooo…..GET OUT OF THE DIET RIOT……STOP OVERTHINKING IT. Bring balance to your foodie desires and you will have what it takes to reach whatever goals you set out for!
 Am I saying, if you want cake that if you follow it up with a cup of broccoli your life will be complete? Yes, well kinda, I am not a cake person buuuuut I am not really a broccoli person either, however taking a little indulgent treat and arming it with the correct ‘riot defense gear’…. a la broccoli( I am picturing a little broccoli tree holding a shield with a gas mask on, that makes me smile) , you can have the small treats that keep your mind sane while providing your body the nutrients it needs to live your lifestyle and be happy and healthy doing it!
Just my little rant about “dieting”

The Day of the Candy

I love Halloween in the fact that I got to wear something over the top and maybe revealing 😉 , that sounds terrible and please don’t judge but once a year to wear something really cool and its completely socially acceptable for the most part is appealing.
Of course that was a thing in my early twenties, now, its answering the door for adorable kids begging for treats and hoping that you scored with the hit candy this year otherwise your awesome cat carved pumpkin becomes roadkill. Not that that’s happened before, its simply a possibility that purused its way through my mind…..anyways…
This year though is totally different, part of my fit journey means that I am trading in fun sized snickers for funner sized hips and waist, so no candy for me….. but its a struggle, I love candy and the hardest thing is that I can’t have it, which makes it seem so much more appealing…. and really though the few times, okay, jeez, yes I am working my way up to competing in a bikini comp, and there have been M A N Y times that I have allowed myself a treat, it just does not taste that great anymore. It scares me, something that I use to eeeek uuusseee tooo, really enjoy, I don’t really enjoy, its kinda like losing my security blanket in a way….. sigh…… but its a good thing, because as I make my way towards achieving a long time dreamed goal, I have found a comfort in other things like music, and blogging, and although its not perfect because I still have my weak moments I make those moments revolve around more satisfying decadent treats like a truffle or a tiny piece of cheesecake, they are pricier than any ole piece of candy which means just in that sense I don’t indulge near as often, and they have to be specific types so you can’t just run to 7-eleven and pick it up so that makes it even tougher to indulge. This technique might sound terrible to fitness fanatics and to those that are anti fitness fanatics but its worked for me, making it to where the comfort foods or the indulgent treats are harder to get to makes it easier to re-think eating them and makes me decide if pausing sons of anarchy is worth driving allll the way to the store for cheesecake, and let me tell you so far this season, its not!!
In my opinion, and for where I am at now, having a treat now and again is not only good its almost necessary for my sanity, although this journey to becoming a fitter me is a labor, its a labor of love, and I am in it 110%. Well mentally and physically absolutely 110% but to be honest my nutrition is mmmmmmm 80%…work in progress!!

Down with the Macros- Why macronutrients are important

Okay so really what is a macronutrient, well its the opposite of a micronutrient…..Duh! UUmmm well not really, so macronutrients are, our main nutrients, Carbs, Fats and Proteins. So when someone says, ” I keep track of my macros”, they are referring to those three nutrients.

Micronutrients, btw, because I can tell you are excited to know, are the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Cool, huh? so you gots your macros and your micros.

But why does this matter you ask? Oh so glad you asked, it matters because carbs fats and proteins are the main sources of calories our bodies need to run efficiently, and because our bodies are so damn smart, it knows the balance it needs to run at optimum speed, we are talkin’ level 10 awesomeness. Now the key part here is that since our bodies understand what it needs to run, when it doesn’t get that balance it runs off kilter, its like putting oil in your gas tank of your car, no Bueno, you ain’t goin no where! Not that I would know from experience (wink wink) Noooo I didn’t put oil in my gas tank, that’s just dumb. However I am super guilty of putting bad foods in my body and definitely unbalanced foods for sure….. but I am learning, learning that when you keep track of those lovely little macros you get lovely results. Its cool to see the way your body actually can be when you start treating it right and feeding it right.

Aaaand to give you a little more help in understanding why keeping track of your macros is cool, I provided below how many calories 1 gram of each has…… uuuhhhh how many calories of what which huh…..

oooohhh cmon scroll down you will see below 🙂 :

1 gram of protein = 4 Calories

1 gram of fat= 9 Calories

1 gram of Carbs = 4 Calories


Soooo when you see on a nutrition label that a food has 20 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 4 carbs you can see that food will approximately contain 105 Calories (20g protein x 4 calories per gram+ 1g fat x 9 calories per gram + 4g carbs x 4 calories per gram= 105. I say approximately though because some foods on the label may not account for insoluble fiber and the manufacturer did not account for this etc, there is a lot of things that unfortunately the food manufacturers do not “factor in” when they are putting stuff on their label but that’s a whole other conversation for another time, for now just know that you for every gram of one of the these macros you take in a certain number of calories.

So you realize what this means don’t you……….it means…….. that……. if you know approximately how many grams of each macro you need you will know that not only are you eating a well balanced diet to achieve your goals for your body buuuut that you are at the same time taking in the appropriate number of calories. Isn’t that exciting!!!

Now keep in mind no system is fool proof so just because your keep your macros balanced doesn’t always mean your calories will be perfect and vice versa, you need to be able  to hit your goals within a 50 calories, and again this is simply 1 of the many methods to keep track of your diet and its the one that I use and love and works for me, you gotta do what works for you. Also keep in mind that its not a perfect world so your macros may not always be balanced and know that and be okay with it. Go with the never fail 80/20 rule.

So now hopefully I have made it a little easier to understand what macros are  and if you have any questions or would like further info please please reach out to me, good or bad, I like to hear what I was able to help with(doesn’t everyone love to hear how awesome they are!) and I also need to know what maybe made it confusing because I am putting this out there to help and if it doesn’t well then I didn’t do a good job and I would like the chance to correct it. So reach out to me!

Stay tuned, next I will be showing you how to actually calculate your Macros so you know exactly what you need to take in and keep track! I will also recommend some apps that I use that work really well!







Calorie is, as Calorie does…..or not? 3 things you need to know about calories.

A Calorie is like.. what is in food right? Well yes, but its a measurement. Huh?

To kick start this little journey of mine I wanna give ya some information on the basics. For me its always easier to set goals and make a plan when I know a little more about what it takes to get there…. can you say edumucation time!
The 3 questions we will answer today are:
Okay, so what IS a Calorie?
Do I haaaaave to count Calories?
How many Calories do I really need?
So calories can be a complex and intense subject, but for the sake of simplicity and keeping this post from becoming a novel I just wanted to touch on the basics and go through the questions above.
If you want to understand it on a deeper science-type level I encourage you to check out websites such as and others that really dive deep into the subject.
1. What IS a Calorie?
Its a way to measure something’s ability to create heat, so a Calorie is a unit of measurement for heat.
We need calories in order to fuel our body, it creates the energy we need to for both our life functions like breathing, digesting etc and voluntary activity like walking, jogging, lifting weights, or even getting in your car to drive to work.
With this in mind, it should make sense as to why we have a minimum amount of calories that need to be taken in in a given day. If your body needs heat to function, and the way to create that heat is to consume calories then we need enough for our body to do its thang and additional for our lifestyle activies, yes this even means to sit on the couch and raise the remote. This also opens the box to discuss why quality foods make for better energy then “unquality” foods (yes, I know unquality is not a word but it went well with my sentence), we can get into that part later, but for now just know that a calorie is a measurement and they are essential to live
So for question# 2 you’re going to love my answer!!
2. Do I haaaave to count calories?
You ready for this……..drum roll please (Griswolds drumroll of course)
Excuse me?
I said No, you do not need to count calories, can you count them? yes. Is it vital to losing weight and staying healthy? No.
So before you go out and tell the world that you finally read what you wanted to hear, that you do not need to count those pesky Calories; let me clarify. What this means is you do not need to keep track of calories, this does not mean not tracking what you eat or making sure your not eating more than you burn. Because again for simplicity sake this is what getting fat boils down to….eating more than you burn….Now honestly there is much more to it than that but if you simply want to lose weight you just need to create a deficit and that can be done through diet, or exercise or both.
Okay so great Nicole, you take me hopes and build them sky high and then…BAM! Hopes…crushed.
Now wait…I said you don’t need to count calories, and you don’t, however lot’s of people do and it helps and you get results and its a great way to lose weight….shoot I even did it and I still do kinda, what I keep track of though is my Macronutrients, to me its easier. Macronutrients or Macros as they will be further referred to as, are the large or main (macro) nutrients: protein, carbs, and fats. Balance those and baby you are on you way. If your interested in more info about macronutrients and how they are easier to track click here.
and finally
3. How many calories do I really need?
This question has been plaguing me and still does. This one is tough to answer, everyone has their opinion on this and lot’s of people use different things to figure it out.
Wait…Nicole….you’re contradicting yourself, you said I did not need to count calories, so why then do I need to know how many I need.
Well even if you’re not counting calories everyday, and your keeping track of say your macros because you read my other awesome post; you still need to calculate what your body needs to do its basic functions and know how much more to support your lifestyle. This would be used as a guideline to set your diet around so you can happily know that when you sit down to enjoy some yummy grilled chicken and veggies for the millionth day in a row you can rest assure it won’t make you fat (because yes Virgina, even healthy food can make you fat)
So I use the Sterling-Pasmore Equation, this one in particular takes in to account body composition. I carry my weight in my lower body so depending on what type or device I am using to measure fat and lean body mass it gives me a different number. Now this one does require that you know your lean body mass, which you can find by doing this equation:
Body fat % X your current weight(in pounds)= pounds of fat
Pounds of fat – your current weight(in pounds)= lean body mass(pounds)
Then take:
Lean body mass(in pounds) X 13.8 Calories (you need 13.8 calories per pound of lean body mass)= Calories needed for basic body functions or your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
Now we want to account for those voluntary activities pick which one is you most of the time and take your BMR calculated above and insert in the one you picked:
BMR x 1.2 for low intensity activities and leisure activities (sedentary)

BMR x 1.375 for light exercise

BMR x 1.55 for moderate exercise 3-5 days per week
Voila! You now know how many calories you need in a day!
Overall calories are important to measure and whether you want to actually count calories or track macros just keep in mind that there are many ways to do  things and remember to focus on the goal, our goal here is not to journal about calories and how  happy or sad they make us, the goal is to lose weight, to tone to gain muscle…… calories is just a tool to measure to achieve the bigger goal.